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From 456 till nowadays almost 20000 earthquakes have been noticed and catalogued by contemporary records.
(T. Zsíros: The seismicity and dangers of earthquake in the Carpathian-basin, Budapest, 2000)

The strongest quake until now was in Komárom, on 28. June 1763. The epicentral intensity of the quake was IX and the magnitude was about 6,3. One third of the city was devastated, there were 63 fatalities.

The most important quakes of Hungary in the XX. century
28. May 1908.Kecskemét4,1VI-VII
8. July 1911.Kecskemét5,6VIII
31. January 1925.Eger5,0VII-VIII
12. January 1956.Dunaharaszti5,6VIII
15. August 1985.Berhida4,9VII

Hungarian earthquakes
between 456 and 2001

Black & White, without terrain (right) (329,1k)
Coloured, smaller (below-left) (171,6k)
Coloured, bigger (below-right) (799,8k)
(Source: GeoRisk Earthquake Institute)
Black & White, without terrain (2458x1790x16 gif 329,1k)
Coloured, smaller (950x691x24bit jpg 171,6k) Coloured, bigger (2458x1790x24bit jpg 799,9k)