The effects of the earthquakes

Wrecked framework Collapsed house Destroyed flyover Collapsed house
Effect01 (305x200@12,2k) Effect02 (125x200@7,5k) Effect03 (400x553@77,5k) Effect04 (200x133@5,8k)
Collapsed roof Collapsed house Crooked house Destroyed flyover
Effect05 (567x371@26,2k) Effect06 (567x371@17,9k) Effect07 (539x824@26,6k) Effect08 (400x270@25,7k)
Ruins of a town Street after the quake Rescuing on the ruins Collapsing house in Iran
Effect09 (640x415@75,6k) Effect10 (640x413@52,9k) Effect11 (180x120@9,6k) Effect12 (400x300@19,2k)

Earthquakes all over the world

Mexico - Colima, house from inside Mexico - Dog on the ruins of Colima Skyscraper in Taiwan Taiwan - Taipei
Mexico Colima1 (421x256@15,8k) Mexico Colima2 (441x273@20,0k) Taiwan (228x293@11,8k) Taiwan Taipei (490x335@24,0k)
After the Californian fire and earthquake Alaskan highway split in two Collapsed multi-storey in Turkey Caved in wall in Kabul
California Fire (480x370@18,4k) Alaska (363x495@22,6k) Turkey (474x281@25,8k) Kabul (457x258@18,0k)
Collapsed house in California Japanese harbour split in two Ruins in Italy The caving in basilica
California (480x370@18,4k) Japan (363x495@22,6k) Italy, Puglia, San Giuliano (474x281@25,8k) Assisi Terremoto Basilica (457x258@18,0k)

Pictures of the Indian earthquake

Earthquake in India - life-saving Earthquake in India - life-saving Earthquake in India - house Earthquake in India - life-saving
India01 (800x533@99,1k) India02 (500x719@78,4k) India03 (800x546@100,2k) India04 (800x551@81,1k)

Earthquake in Iran on 26th December 2003.

Covering dust is visible everywhere, lonely cars and the imprints of felled palm trees from the middle air There are collapsed buildings on the aerial photograph Truck jammed into a collapsed garage Most of the survivors have spent the night out in the open air
Iran01 (400x300@20,6k) Iran02 (400x300@35,6k) Iran03 (400x300@30,5k) Iran04 (400x300@32,8k)