1. What kind of instrument can announce the earthquakes?
With the help of a teaspoon, which placed in a glass distilled water of 40 °C.
An instrument, which is able to record the earthquake waves, the seismograph.
No how, because the earthquakes don't have phenomena, which could be sensible by people.

2. How can we sense, that an earthquake is in progress?
In no ways, because the earthquakes have no superficial appears.
We drop a pebble to a lake and if it is not cause waves, the earth is quaking.
The earth shakes under our feet and maybe the roads split in two.

3. What is the risk of earthquakes in the United States?
The people get frightened and don't be able to escape where, because of the many tumbling skyscrapers.
Most people think, that earthquakes could only occur on the west coast, because of this they don't defend themselves on the east coast.
The level of the buildings demolishing is highly increased when an earthquake is in progress.

4. How are the earthquakes spread on the Earth's surface?
Perpendicularly or in parallel with latitudinal or longitudinal degrees.
There are no borderable points of the dispersion.
The dispersion of them is not equable on the surface, decisive majority of them are occurring in properly confinable narrow zones.

5. Which could be the definition of plate tectonics?
According to its opinion, the Earth's surface is divisible in to six big and twenty smaller second-class lithosperical-platforms.
According to it the length of crack of the Earth's crust is directly proportional to the duration of earthquake.
It is examining, that the thickness of Earth's crust is not determine the strength of earthquake.

6. Which wave expands in both solid, liquid and gaseous substances?
Primary wave.
Secondary wave.
Surface wave.

7. What kind of phenomenon caused by the secondary waves?
The effect of it is, that the Earth's surface is periodically laterally move.
They extend the Earth's surface vertically.
They periodically extend and press together the Earth's surface.

8. What is the Richter scale?
An earthquake measuring scale.
A part of mathematical relation's series written down by a physicist.
A temperature measuring scale.

9. How many levels does the focal depth have?

10. What size of magnitude cause heavy damages?


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