Offline downloads

Here you can find the webpage in downloadable form. Just download the files you need, and decompress them to a directory of your choice.
The minimum requied files are the, one language archive and the
A magyar verziˇhoz kattints ide.
DescriptionFileSizeWhy should be downloaded?
Important files
The main files (JavaScript, CSS, Java and the Index.html)main.zip40 kbBecause it will conjure the page more colourful and if you don't download it you will get JavaScript errors!
English language files (HTML documents, localized images)english.zip177 kbYou will be able to read the page in English.
Hungarian language files (HTML documents, localized images)magyar.zip177 kbYou will be able to read the page in Hungarian.
Italian language files (HTML documents, localized images)italiano.zip178 kbYou will be able to read the page in Italian.
French language files (HTML documents, localized images)francais.zip181 kbYou will be able to read the page in French.
Small images for visualizationimages.zip484 kbYou will make the page more interactive and good-looking.
Less important files
Larger images for clickable images on "I was there!", "Studies" and "Why?" pages.imagesbig1.zip1 386 kbYou will able to see the details of the pictures.
Larger images for "Glossary" and for "Hungarian earthquakes between 456 and 2001".imagesbig2.zip1 489 kbYou will able to examine the Seismotectonic maps of Hungary.
All images for the "Image Gallery"gallery.zip1 257 kbYou will be able to see the Gallery with full content.
Text only files
Hungarian (36 kb)English (34 kb)